No. 4 (80), 2018


The Characteristics of CT-images in the Geometry of Cone Beam Measured with TrueBeam Medical Accelerator and Simulix-HQ X-ray Simulator
V.N. Vasiliev, A.Yu. Smyslov, S.S. Rusetskiy, A.A. Kokontsev, A.V.Ivashin

Design of the Proton Beam Stereotactic Therapy System Based on the Synchrocyclotron SC-1000
D.I. Granin, I.V. Vasilevskaya, A.I. Khalikov, V.I. Maksimov

Dosimetric Influence of Klarity Immobilization Devices during Radiotherapy
D.S. Satunkin, A.N. Moiseev

The Relationship of the Parameters of the Linear-Quadratic Model with the Frequency of Radiation Damages to Patients
Zh.M. Glazyrina, Y.S. Mardynsky, N.B. Borysheva, L.I. Sidorkina, M.S. Dashkova, M.S. Kalinina, L.I. Krikunova

High Single Doses for Local Irradiation of Spinal Pathologies. Spinal Cord Tolerance
N.A. Antipina, E.N. Igoshina, A.V. Golanov, E.R. Vetlova, M.V. Galkin, Yu.Yu. Trunin


Preclinical Studies of Radiopharmaceutical Based on Thermo-Sensitive Copolymer and Samarium-153 for Local Radionuclide Therapy of Solid Tumors
V.R. Duflot, V.S. Ermakov, E.I. Lobanova, M.S. Voroncova, J.B. Venediktova, A.A. Pankratov, V.M. Petriev, V.K. Tishchenko

Purification of [18F]Fluoride from Long-Lived Radionuclides in Production of [18F]Fluorodeoxyglucose
.. Ivaniykovich, S.A. Soroka, V.. Krot, D.I. Brinkevich, S.D. Brinkevich, G.V. Chizh, R.L. Sverdlov

Investigation of 131Cs Medical Isotope Production in Photonuclear Reactions
A.V. Belousov, M.V. Zheltonozhskaya, E.N. Lykova, P.D. Remisov, A.P. Chernyaev, V.N. Iatsenko


Dynamic Characteristics of Channel Formation in Biotissue under CO2 Laser Action
V.V. Vasiltsov, M.G. Galushkin, V.Ya. Panchenko


Quantec Articles Overview
Zh.S. Lebedeva


Standardizing Nomenclatures in Radiation Oncology. The Report of AAPM Task Group 263, 2018
Translation by M.A. Kuznetsov. Edition by A.N. Moiseev


Brachytherapy with the Russian Brachytherapy System AGAT-VT. Guidance for Physicians and Medical Physicists
Publishing House "Aspect Press", 2018 192 pp.


Regional Training Course "High Accuracy Radiotherapy: Technical and Physical Requirements"
314 September 2018, Moscow

Regional Training Course on Brachytherapy Physics
2428 September 2018, Moscow

Moscow Scientific Seminar "Medical Physics in Radiotherapy"
October 16, 2018; November 7, 2018, Moscow

A North American Perspective on Medical Physics Training in Russia
E. Soisson, E. Heath


A Word of Thanks to Boris Narkevich, AMPR President


A.S. Pavlov

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