B. Narkevich, doctor of technical sciences, professor, lead researcher, Department of radionuclide diagnostics, N.N.Blokhin RCRC, AMPR president, Deputy Director for Science, Institute of medical physics & engineering

Deputy chief editor
I. Lebedenko, doctor of biology sciences, N.N.Blokhin RCRC

Responsible editor
N. Antipina, research scientist, department of radiology and radiosurgery, N.N. Burdenko Neurosurgical Institute

Members of the editorial board:

S. Akulinichev, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, lead researcher, department of theoretical physics, Institute for Nuclear Research, RAS

V. Gurvich, PhD, USA

A. Ivanov, doctor of physics and mathematics, candidate of biological sciences, head of Laboratory of laser methods of tumor diagnosis and therapy, N.N.Blokhin RCRC

I. Kancheli

L. Klepper, doctor of technical sciences, senior researcher, Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RAS

M. Kuznecov

A. Lipengolc, candidate of physics and mathematics

A. Moiseev, candidate of physics and mathematics, Treatment & Rehabilitation Center

I. Nazarov, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, Higher School of Economics

Y. Pirogov, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor, director, Center of magnetic tomography and spectroscopy, M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University

D. Rogatkin, doctor of technical sciences, head of Laboratory of medical physics research of radiology department, M.V.Vladimirskiy Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute (MONIKI)

V. Rozanov, doctor of biological sciences, Lomonosov Moscow State University

P. Russo, Dr. Sci. Med., Italy

Y. Rybakov, doctor of biological sciences, State Center of Expertise in Science and Innovation

S. Ryzhov

S. Tabakov, MSc, Dr. Sci. Tech., Great Britain

I. Tarutin, doctor of technical sciences, Belarus

A. Khmelev, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics

V. Khoroshkov, doctor of technical sciences, head of medical physics department, Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics

A. Chernyaev, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences


S. Vatnitskiy, A. Vazhenin, Y. Mardynskiy, V. Panchenko, V. Skuridin